Divorce Tax Reduction Strategies

As a CDFA® Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I am a financial expert. I provide you with the assistance you need to work through your amicable divorce, by providing a balanced perspective of what will be the most mutually beneficial proceedings for all involved.

As a CDFA®, I am trained to seek out and spot financial details that may seem unimportant but may have a significant impact down the road. I will help you craft a financial plan that will last not only through the divorce proceedings, but will continue to benefit you long after.

What is the best way to divide the assets? Who ends up with the home, and who keeps the car(s)? How can we navigate these decisions fairly and in agreement?
You and your spouse want a peaceful divorce. However, you came to the decision to end a marriage and continue your lives separately, you need more than just a methodical process of dividing up the assets into “his and her” piles. You want a plan that will mutually benefit both of you as well as provide a jumping off point for your separate lives.

That’s where I come in.

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