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A Stress Free Filing For YOUR Financial Situation

Whether you’re self-employed or have multiple income streams, your financial situation is unique and it provides freedom you’re proud of. But every spring, your tax situation is confusing and you’d rather hand it off to an expert.

Hire Harsin Advanced Tax Planning for stress-free professional tax preparation. We’ll help reduce your taxes to the lowest level you legally owe, and we’ll still be here after tax season to answer questions or concerns that may come up.

If You Don’t Know Your Tax Obligations, We Can Help!

There are many reasons why you may want your taxes done professionally. Common situations we get are:

  • Small business owners
  • Self-employed professionals
  • High-earners with complex financial situations
  • People who have undergone big life changes in the past year

IRS Collections, Audits & Appeals

Are you getting audited by the IRS or owe income tax and want to reduce the amount owed?

Dick Harsin, CPA has many years dealing with the IRS as your representative for audits, filing Offers in Compromise and answering IRS letters.

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