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Dick Harsin’s award-winning firm, Harsin Wealth Management has been providing wealth management advice and services for more than 25 years. Harsin Wealth Management specializes in helping clients plan for life’s major events, like retirement and divorce.

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IRA Distribution Planning

IRA distribution regulations are complex—and growing more so every year. Without professional guidance, it’s easy to make a mistake, like missing your first minimum distribution or not paying attention to who should inherit your IRA.

Common IRA errors can have adverse tax consequences. If you’d rather avoid that scenario, we can help. Let us assist with IRA Distribution Planning: designating your beneficiary, withdrawing your money in the most efficient way and developing strategies to reduce your tax impact.*

Dick Harsin is not only a Certified Financial Planner, but he’s also a CPA. And, as a member of the exclusive Ed Slott’s Master Elite Advisor Group, he has access to more information, resources and knowledge than most financial advisors. Twice yearly, Dick meets with Ed Slott (nationally-recognized IRA distribution expert) and other Elites to review changes in IRA rules and the latest IRA distribution strategies.

What does this mean to you? That even in this complex, ever-changing regulation environment, Dick Harsin, CPA. remains focused on taking our clients from “forever taxed” to “never taxed.” And we have the know-how to make it happen.

Retirement Planning

Successful retirement planning starts with setting goals. What do you dream of doing? Sailing around the world? Owning a home in the San Juan Islands? Helping your kids start a business? Or simply making sure your family is well taken care of—and you have peace of mind?

No matter what a happy retirement looks like to you, we can help make it happen. We’ll identify the income and actions needed at each step, from today to retirement day, and through our vigilant investment management, financial forecasting, income and tax strategies and a solid plan, you can achieve your retirement goals.

It’s easy to get started.

Estate Planning

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Required Minimum Distributions

Starting a 70 ½ you’re required to start taking money out of your retirement accounts including your IRAs, your 401(k) and other retirement plans.

Any monies taken out of these retirement accounts would be taxable. This increase in taxable income can cause your Medicare premium payments to increase; more of your social security being taxable and put you into a higher tax bracket.

There are number different strategies which we utilize to reduce the taxes on these RMD’s. Some of the strategies we can use to reduce the impact of the RMD include converting your IRA to a Roth IRA; utilizing the qualified charitable deduction (QCD); converting your IRA from a “forever taxed” to a “never taxed”. By working together we can help you develop the most tax efficient strategy applicable to you.

It is almost inevitable that the income tax rates are going up so it becomes imperative that you do the proper planning to reduce the tax effect.

Retirement Tax Reduction Strategies

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