“He’s always just ahead of the game. How he’s helped me structure my business, I save on taxes, I save more money.” – Maureen B.

Our client Maureen wears many hats late in her career: helping her daughter with the administration of running the family restaurant, as well as running a teacher-training program at a large, local university. 

Like many self-employed professionals, there’s a freedom and diversity to her work that makes each day interesting.

As Maureen smartly began looking towards her future, she started researching strategies that would help her save for retirement. Ed Slott’s videos were a trusted learning resource for her, and she wanted to find a tax advisor who’s aligned with the information and opportunities she learned are available to her.

As a certified Ed Slott partner, we do training yearly, so we’re always up to date and can give personalized advice based on Ed Slott’s teachings.

“I feel great. If I was filing as just one person, I would hardly have any write-offs at all. As an S-Corp, I can write off all types of things necessary to my work.”

With guidance from Harsin Advanced Tax Planning, we advised her to create an S-Corp, which allows her to do the same freelance, consulting work, but now she’s able to deduct expenses necessary to her work.

She saves money every year and has a trusted tax advisor to help her navigate tax requirements and strategies. 

Exploring Tax-Savings Options As A Small Business Owner?

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